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Monday 3 December 2012

Websites never die

Some 15 years ago a young model in her early twenties had photographs of hers being placed on a pornographic website by her ex-boyfriend.  Subsequently the boyfriend agreed to remove all her images and the matter seemed to have been forgotten by all.

The young lady is now in her thirties, a businesswoman and a mother to 3 children. 

A few months ago, almost out of nowhere, 3 of the erotic photographs suddenly reappeared on the internet.

Internet defamation lawyers - the wayback machine.
Her ex-boyfriend denied anything to do with this and it took a while to trace these pictures back to the original website which like tens of millions of other websites had been archived on the world’s largest internet archiving project, The WayBack Machine.

Someone must have downloaded these old pictures from the archive and reposted them on the internet.

The point is that a website, a picture or video might remain on the internet possibly for ever more and it is always advisable to check The WayBack Machine for any backup copies of unwanted websites, images and videos.
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