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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Remove defamation from a website located in the UK

Defamation solicitor legal advice
Regardless of whether the defamation on the internet was posted before or or after the commencement of the Defamation Act 2013, website operators who post defamation on their websites may find themselves liable for defamation in relation to defamatory comments the permit to be published.

In the vast majority of cases if approached correctly, website operators who are based in the UK will remove defamatory comments published on their website. Unfortunately some UK website operators still operate under the misconception that they are entitled to continue to publish defamatory articles on their website as long as they are not taking part in the editing of the defamatory material. 

This error is common mostly among those who operate local and national review websites or online discussion forums. Our defamation solicitor tells us that you defamation lawyers need to take extra care to ensure they make it clear to website operators their  legal obligations and of the extent of their liability towards an individual or an organisation that is being defamed on their website. Educational letters by your defamation solicitor can save you a lot of money in unnecessary defamation litigation. This in turn should result in faster removal of defamatory content from the internet and with great savings for you.

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