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Tuesday 4 December 2012

Should you respond to negative reviews?

Internet Law Centre
Internet Law Centre
If you are in the unfortunate position where you have come across something bad written about you on internet blogs or forums your initial reaction may be to respond back.  However, do consider this option carefully as a response from you can trigger another great deal of problems.

It is not always advised to respond to the negativity but if you do then be careful what you say.  Always be polite and never say anything that can get you in trouble in the future.  If you are responding on behalf of a company then you need to remember that what you say will greatly reflect the company.  If you respond in anger and say things you may regret, your company will suffer as well as you.

Responding to these forums could in turn attract search engine results to the bad review meaning the bad review will increase internet traffic.  This will result in more visitors reading the bad reviews.

This then has a huge effect on your reputation or perhaps your business which could lead to huge consequences. 

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