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Friday 30 November 2012

Be careful what you share

It goes without saying to be careful what you share over the internet.  Never give personal details away even if you believe you can trust that person.  A minority of people over the internet will try to deceive you and make you feel as if you can trust them.  But keep your wits about you.

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Internet Law Centre
I am not saying that no one can be trusted over the internet but be especially cautious of those you do not know.  They may try to manipulate you into thinking you can trust them and this is when they get what they want.  You are in a vulnerable position and are more likely to disclose personal information, pictures etc. 

This information can then be used against you and in many cases is often used as a form of blackmail.  So many people have had their reputation sabotaged due to one little mistake made over the internet.

Always make sure you know who you are sharing with and never give any information to anyone you are unsure of or don’t know. 


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