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Thursday 1 November 2012

Internet Defamation - Blast from the Past

It is very common for the victims of internet defamation to know the culprit.  Here is a short example of how events from the past can turn out to haunt you in the future:

Internet Law Centre
Frank Backerfield (not his real name), a famously successful English entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, recently saw an incident from his past make a nasty reappearance for the sole purpose of completely destroying him.

A handsome devil, he travelled around the world telling rich women that he loved them, when actually he just wanted to have some fun or spend their money. Apparently, he left a number of broken-hearted women crying their eyes out in fancy hotel rooms, expecting them to foot the bills and forget about him as quickly as they had fallen in love with him.

At the time, none of the parties involved believed they would ever meet again. Most of the women he engaged with had no desire to ever hear his name again, let alone reunite. After a number of years of messing around, Frank had had enough, and decided to go straight.

With his little savings he opened a small night club. He managed it so successfully that within a couple of years, it was earning him a fortune. He then opened four more clubs around London and eventually became an established and respected figure in the UK entertainment industry.

Frank even got married--to Claire, a lady from Middlesex--and they lived in harmony with their four children in a lovely Essex country home.

Then one day, Frank received a phone call from a trusted friend, asking him if he knew a lady by the name of Laura Park, from Canada.

The name did ring a bell, but Frank was unable to recollect specific details. The friend then advised Frank to do an internet search of his name.

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