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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Defamation on a website outside the UK

If the defamation against you was posted on a website that is located outside the UK and you are unable to obtain the full name and postal address of the poster, then depending on the country where the website is operating from, you will have a choice to use the defamatory website's local laws to facilitate the removal of the defamatory comments or still you will be able to pursue the same goal using UK laws. UK courts might extend their jurisdiction to countries outside of the UK.
It is possible, says our defamation solicitor to obtain various UK court orders to direct website operators who are based outside of the UK to remove defamation from their website. Similar orders are available to direct those websites to provide you with personal information about the users who posted the defamation against you. So far, the vast majority of website operators who are located outside the UK have been hugely co-operative with our efforts to remove defamation from their websites.

Our defamation solicitor notes that in some notable instances however they refuse to do so, in which cases we utilised our strong network of local specialists internet lawyers. There is a small number of high profile rough website operators, particularly in the USA whose websites are designed to encourage users to post defamatory comments against whoever they want. A good example of such website is the Ripoffreport which is laden with defamatory and inflammatory posts against innocent people.

If the defamation against you is posted on one of these rough websites, our strategy is likely to focus on de-indexing (or de-listing) the defamatory web pages from Google, Bing and from other search engines which means the defamatory comments will no longer be visible to around 95% of internet users.

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