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Friday 7 December 2012

Have you ever had a bad review placed on the internet about your company?

Internet Law Centre
Internet Law Centre
Bad reviews are not necessarily a result of bad service. In fact, they are often produced by the very same customer that you tried to appease so much and sometimes, unbeknown to you, bad reviews are written and then posted by your competitors.

Bad internet reviews are becoming a big problem for all businesses almost without exception. The ease by which disgruntled clients,customers or nasty competitors can cause serious damage to a businesses is scary. No one seems to be immune; lawyers, accountants, debt collectors, IT experts, and the list goes on. You cannot completely stop bad internet reviews but you can certainly create a reputation management strategy which will help you effectively deal with bad reviews.

Online reviews can be regarded as defamation of character whenever one or more parts of a review are factually inaccurate or is misleading. By not telling the whole story, the author of a review may create an impression which is far from being a reflection of the true position and this could be considered as defamation too.

Unfortunately many of those who write reviews on the internet do not realise this, that a 'one sided' internet review could actually be defamatory even if no lies are included. So if you feel that a review is defamatory for reasons of lack of factual accuracy, you might prefer to facilitate the removal of such review rather than attempt to put the facts right by responding to it.
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