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Tuesday 15 January 2013

5 essential steps to follow when dealing with online defamation

Online defamation
It is never easy to decide what steps to take when you have discovered that you are being defamed online. You search the web and find various PR, SEO and reputation management specialists who claim that they can help but which do you choose?

It is vital that you remain focused and act appropriately when dealing with internet defamation. You do not want to damage your reputation further nor do you want to draw more attention to the original defamation.

Here I have put together 5 easy and effective steps to help you in response to your online defamation issue:

1) Be proactive. Consider using blogs to try and push the defamatory web pages out of public view. You do not have to be a writing expert to begin writing about yourself or your company. Google enables people to set up free blogs and these can be quite effective in communicating your message and enhancing your online reputation. If you... read more on online defamation and the other steps on our new social media solicitor blog.

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